How to style an outfit from the Uniqlo and Theory collaboration

Uniqlo and Theory collaboration

This season Uniqlo has joined forces with Theory for a collaboration of superbly designed practical pieces. I have always turned to Uniqlo (US link) for basics. They offer some great classic cashmere sweaters and cardigans (currently on sale if you want to stock up for Winter). Their simple cotton shirts are of good quality. Their thermals are among the best. I also keep an eye out for any collaborations they offer such as Ines de La Fressange (still a few items available like this linen/cotton blend navy jacket) and Lemaire. I still have two pairs of great trousers from one of their Lamaire collaborations of a few years ago. Not forgetting +J (Jil Sander) if you like simple slimed down shapes as I do. They offer some of the best down jackets and coats.

casual sporty look with Uniqlo/Theory collaboration
Uniqlo and Theory collaboration

I do have a classic navy jacket by Theory that I bought in Fenwick many years ago and which I still love. It has proved to be a great investment; however, these days Theory is a bit outside my price range so I could not resist buying a couple of pieces from their collaboration with Uniqlo (US link).

How to smarten a casual pair of trousers

Both of these items are fairly casual and sporty. I just wanted to show you how the trousers can be dressed up with my old Theory navy jacket.

Uniqlo and Theory collaboration May 2022

Uniqlo and Theory collaboration:

I bought their lightly tucked easy trousers and their oversized nylon parka (US link). Both are very practical. The trousers have a very clever drawstring feature at the waist so you can make the waist smaller or larger as you want and yet they still look classic in style. A very useful feature for me as I have a small waist to hip ratio and often the waists of trousers are too big. voila! problem solved. The parka comes up large so you might want to choose a smaller than normal size.

Photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram

The photos were taken just around the corner from where we currently rent a house in Thames Ditton. We soo want to buy one of these pretty houses, sadly none of them is up for sale at the moment. We will have to be patient.


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  1. Bren
    30th May 2022 / 19:44

    Thank you for featuring Uniqlo on the blog, a brand that is found in Europe as well. I love to visit their store, and also keep an eye on their website for great bargains like you mentioned – cashmere sweaters and especially the heat tech thermals. Once you know your size you can find off-season clothes at low prices. Unfortunately it’s become more expensive now for those of us living in Europe to afford British brands, so I can only admire some of the clothing you show. I still love reading your blog to see how you put things together, and to see what kind of looks I can recreate with what I have or can find here. Good luck to you in your house search. I can see why you are willing to be patient – those houses are beautiful!

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