How to look after our feet

How to look after our feet

Let’s discuss how to look after our feet and get them ready for the summer. I am finding that my feet need a lot more care than they used to. Gone are the days when I could ignore them. The only maintenance being a pedicure with bright pink nail polish to set off my tan in the summer.

Now is the time to get rid of all that hard skin especially around the heels and lather on the moisturiser. I have included a couple of products by Margaret Dabbs as she is the expert in foot care. In my opinion you can never moisturise your feet enough. I have in the past used foot moisturising masks. The packet comes with handy socks which you put on over the mask then leave your feet to luxuriate in the moisture. Very relaxing.

Details of above: Foot soak by Cosyfeet |Foot file | Hard skin remover | Footbath | Luxury foot moisturiser | Foot cream and pumice | Foot care selection.

No show socks for sneakers

How to look after our feet

As the weather here in London continues to be warm I have finally cast off my heavier shoes and ankle boots. I am more likely to be seen in my trusted trainers, simple flat pumps or sandals.

I used to wear what used to be called “pop” socks, now I think they are referred to as invisible socks or trainer liners. I bought them from various sources. I found that they started the day in the correct place; however if I was walking around town they often ended up in a scrunched ball at the base of my heel. I had to stop and hoik them back to the correct position. Very annoying.

So I was pleased when Sheec contacted me and sent me over a selection of their no show socks to try. They are antibacterial, anti-slip, anti-skid and reinforced. Tip: Don’t put foot cream on feet just before wearing your socks as this could counteract the anti-slip properties.

Sheec no show socks are designed for shoes as low cut as a ballet pump all the way up to standard sneakers. You are able to choose the correct style of sock for your shoe. If your socks provide less coverage than your shoe it leaves your foot vulnerable to friction from your skin rubbing directly on your shoe which can cause blisters and irritation.

How to choose the socks which is right for your shoes

Managing your feet if you have specific problems

If you have serious foot issues here are links to a site which provides products to assist the bunion relief, specialist insoles for flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Bunion relief products Specialist insoles for flat feet Plantar fasciitis.

Sheec are offering my readers 25% off their socks with code: CHICSUMMER. This offer starts today and ends 11th June.

Disclaimer: A selection of sheec no show socks were gifted to me to try. I particularly liked the sneaker ones. My Sheec socks were shipped to me from the States with no duty applied.


  1. Cheryl
    4th June 2020 / 16:16

    Love your posts. Your blog gives me ideas on how to keep looking current while staying with my “ classic clothes”
    This post on foot care is very helpful. I’ve also found that moisturizing my feet before putting on my socks and gym shoes before a workout is very helpful. The hour or so I’m at my gym, letting that cream soak in, works wonders.
    Keep up the great blog, Josephine! Happy Spring!

  2. Brenda Chell
    4th June 2020 / 17:40

    Thank you for this informative and useful post Josephine. Love all your blogs. Waiting for some scarf tying tips and how to lift plain summer.clothes with a pretty scarf. Thank you.

  3. Joanne
    4th June 2020 / 20:09

    Margaret Dabbs professional foot file is the very best I’ve ever used. It’s expensive but is stainless steel and comes with a set of replacement abrasive pads. It’s so good you do have to be a bit careful using it as it’s very easy to get carried away and file off too much!!

  4. 5th June 2020 / 02:08

    I’ve been applying lotion to my feet every night as I climb into bed for many years and the skin on my feet is always soft and smooth. I don’t use a particular brand or products specifically made for feet. Any body lotion or moisturizer seems to do the job.

  5. 5th June 2020 / 14:51

    I have never found a no-slip sock that didn’t wind up bunching under my foot. I’ve gotten used to going sockless.

  6. Sue Walker
    7th July 2020 / 16:09

    Just a word of warning to people ordering the Sheec socks. I ordered some after reading your post as I have had problems with no-slip socks in the past and they sounded very good. You stated that no duty had been applied – was this because they were a gift do you think? I went to the Correos (Spanish post office) this morning to pick up my parcel and had to pay 27.63 euros in tax and handling charges! The order had cost me $49.99 so I decided to pay for it, on the basis that I didn’t want to risk losing that money, but I don’t think I’ll be ordering more, however good they prove to be.

  7. 8th July 2020 / 08:07

    Hello Sue

    Before I agreed to collaborate with Sheec I was told that Tax and Duty would not apply. See below. It references the UK however I would expect most EU countries to be similar. If you click on the link Spain is on the list.

    “Regarding import duties

    This says the tax and duty minimum for the UK is 135 pounds. Sheec assured me that they have quite a large pool of repeat customers from the UK and we’ve never heard any complaints about import duties because our socks are only $10-12 a pair. These fee’s would only apply if someone ordered over 14 pairs.

    In terms of VAT, I believe this is standard for purchases within the UK and there are no additional fees for imports from the US.

    Hope this helps


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