pink puffer jacket, grey sweater and grey trousers

How to layer up and keep warm. It was a lovely sunny day when we took these photographs a few weeks ago but still chilly with a very cold wind. At the time I was wearing a thermal vest under my grey sweater. I also had a pair of leggings under my wide trousers. I am a great fan of thermal underwear. It means that you can continue wearing lighter fabrics for longer and still keep warm. JohnLewis&Partners have a very good selection as do MarksandSpencer.

pink puffer jacket, grey sweater and grey trousers

We also lose a lot of heat from our heads so I like to wear berets and hats in the colder weather. I bought my pink pearl beret a few years ago from St. Tropez market. &Otherstories have a pretty lilac one. Etsy has an excellent selection.


My grey sweater is from HopeFashionuk from last years collection. I love their sweaters. They are made from excellent fabric and if washed carefully keep their shape well. They have a good selection this year in lovely Autumnal colours.

pink pearl beret, pink puffer jacket

Sometimes a full-length puffa can seem too much when the sun is shining. I have worn this jacket a lot this year when I need to pop out to the shops or go for a quick stroll.

As usual most of my clothes are several seasons old as I try to ”shop my wardrobe’ as much as possible. If you like the look I have put together a selection of similar items below.


With regards to BLACK FRIDAY which seems to be well underway already this year, I will put a few links and ideas below. I intend to concentrate on items I have already included in this blog as I feel that we have enough stuff in our wardrobes. Having said that, if you have been watching an item such as an expensive coat or a pair of boots now might be the time. Sales can also be a good opportunity to buy gifts.


My favourite skincare and makeup brand LOOKFABULOUSFOREVER is currently offering 20% off all their products. A good time to stock up on products you love.

All photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram

My blog schedule may be interrupted due to the fact that I lost my balance doing an exercise class last week, fell over and twisted my wrist badly. My arm is currently in a sling and I am writing this post with one finger.


  1. Lorraine Matthews
    23rd November 2020 / 13:41

    So sorry to hear about your fall. Last year a friend (formerly a professional ballet dancer) was doing pirouettes across the studio at a class when she ‘took a funny turn’, as her husband jokingly described it, and fell and broke her wrist. Hope you heal quickly.

  2. 23rd November 2020 / 13:48

    Thank you. Luckily I don’t think it is broken but it will take a while to heal

  3. M
    23rd November 2020 / 15:05

    Look after yourself Josephine.

  4. Sandra
    23rd November 2020 / 15:20

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  5. Susan Harper
    23rd November 2020 / 15:28

    Heal well!

  6. Francie
    23rd November 2020 / 16:53

    Josephine, this outfit is darling! I love the soft pink and grays. I’m sorry about your wrist and am sure that it will take time. I sprained my foot a month ago simply by walking too much, I think; it is just now feeling much more normal. Tincture of time.

  7. Christine
    23rd November 2020 / 17:10

    Love these colours on you and the outfit is perfection. Wishing you a speedy recovery as I know how frustrating these types of injuries can be.

  8. Judy Starling
    23rd November 2020 / 17:24

    I do hope it is not too painful and you are back to normal soon . Those soft colours are lovely on you but I do think the pop of fuchsia in the last pic is the very best!

  9. 23rd November 2020 / 18:08

    Oh dear! I hope your arm heals quickly.

    Layering is key to surviving winter here on the Canadian prairie and the trick is to find ways to add warmth without excess bulk. You’ve done a great job of that with today’s outfit.

    PS. I love your berets. I remember the grey one from a previous post.

  10. Brenda Chell
    23rd November 2020 / 19:41

    So sorry you’ve twisted your wrist Josephine. Ouch! May it get better soon. Love your outfit, soft colours, accessories and bright earrings. Where does your practical flat waist bag come from please?

  11. Francesca Browder
    23rd November 2020 / 21:38

    So sorry about your wrist Josephine, here’s hoping it heals quickly. Love your gift suggestions thank you:)

  12. Kari
    24th November 2020 / 02:22

    Another fun and inspiring look…you look great in both shots! I could not wear that style of hat or a belt at my waist or light pink. And happily i don’t have a sling:)
    So it is fun for me to think how the look could be modified for me and still have all the elements of fun that your look projects. Take care!

  13. Sheri
    24th November 2020 / 13:39

    speedy recovery!….and still smiling!

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