How to dress for early autumn

How to dress for early autumn. Claret sleeveless coat



How to dress for early autumn.

Early autumn in the UK is a really tricky time to dress. In the early morning there is a distinct chill in the air and then my mid-day the sun is shining and the temperatures have risen.

I know the “sleeveless coat” is a love or hate item. Some see it as neither one thing or the other. I prefer to think of it as a long waistcoat. It adds another layer and touch of warmth to the body. I intend to play around with it as the season progresses. I will add a cocoon coat over the top or wear it over a navy blazer.

The length works well for me as it covers the middle and bum area and elongates the body. If you have a shorter body length you may need to look for a shorter length coat.



Pantone colours for AW 2015

I would call it Claret or Burgundy but it looks like “Marsala” on the Pantone chart.



How to dress for early autumn. Claret Zara waistcoat


The sleeveless coat is by Zara.  I think it may have sold out in this colour as I can only find the style in black. I found a similar one at Asos and Topshop.












  1. cindy hattersley
    12th September 2015 / 18:29

    Ann Taylor here in the U.S has a similar one but I think also only in black. Love the color on you!

    • 12th September 2015 / 19:10

      I like Ann Taylor I think they do good practical styles.

  2. aurora
    12th September 2015 / 20:00

    It looks really very good on you! The colour is very flattering too. I tried it on in Zara and horror …it is not for anyone with a noticeable bosom…
    Sadly not for me but I like it

  3. Susan (une femme)
    12th September 2015 / 23:38

    For a long time, I thought “what’s the point of a sleeveless jacket?” But I’m beginning to see how used as a layering piece, it might be a real wardrobe expander. Yours is lovely, and good catch finding that color!

  4. Deborah Boland
    22nd September 2015 / 21:01

    Gorgeous color on you! Very RICH.

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