How to Create a simple silhouette

How to Create a simple silhouette

Sometimes we just want to keep our outfits streamlined and create a simple silhouette. Combining a similar coloured top to your skirt or trousers can have a slimming effect and if you are petite give the illusion of extra height. Now I know not all of you like to wear black. This look can be just as effective using your basic neutrals of navy, brown, tan, grey, beige or white. You could also use your favourite pastels. I have added some options at the bottom of the post.

Black trousers and black tee shirt

In this outfit it is the accessories that add the interest. By adding a chunky ruby red necklace to my simple black tee I am drawing attention towards my face and breaking up the column of black. My beautiful jewelled T bar sandals from Pavers (They are also available in several other colours) add sparkle to my feet. Don’t forget to paint your toenails. I have painted mine in the same colour as the red jewels in the sandals.

A monochrome outfit with bold accessories

My simple ankle-length black trousers from Arket are a couple of years old. These drawstring linen/viscose mix trousers from MarksandSpencer are ideal for warmer weather. My slash neck fitted tee is also from MarksandSpencer. I have the same style in several colours and find it very useful for layering under jackets.

Comfortable sandals for older women

I find that as I get older my feet have become very fussy about the shoes that I wear. Somehow I seem to have lost some of the padding on the bottom of my feet. That means that I can no longer wear sandals with thin soles. My feet need sandals that are comfortable and supportive. Luckily these ones have substantial enough soles to keep my feet happy.

If you missed my last post showcasing my new silver sandals you can read it here.

The sandals that I am wearing were gifted to me by Pavers. All opinions are my own.

How to create a simple silhouette with a selection of items below:





  1. Violet L O'Brien
    26th July 2021 / 17:49

    It certainly is a pleasure to read your blog. You are honest and down to earth making it so easy for women to feel close to you. Thank you for helping us with our clothes as well as skincare.

    • 27th July 2021 / 09:47

      Hello Violet
      Thank you for your kind comment. I am really glad that you enjoy my blog.

  2. Maria
    26th July 2021 / 18:09

    Hello Josephine, i think you might be very right that the “padding” on our soles gets thinner as we get older. I had a hairdresser who had to give up work because of this very problem. Even standing on a thick mat just wasn’t enough help. BTW, I love you in today’s outfit. It looks very slimming, and chic, and it looks like you are ready to handle whatever the day may bring!

  3. Petra Dando
    26th July 2021 / 18:28

    Very chic

  4. 26th July 2021 / 20:09

    Yes, love this look and so easy to add colour with jackets/scarves/ beads etc. You look great, Josephine.

  5. Sonja Schaffer
    26th July 2021 / 21:50

    That is a truly beautiful ensemble, wear it as often as you can. Simple and sophisticated.
    Thank you for the reminder.

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