How to copy the coffee shop uniform

Maxi skirt, white tee and blazer

I had two of my young grandchildren stay with us last weekend. The weather was so changeable it was difficult to keep them entertained. On Saturday we visited the London Wetlands, which luckily is just down the road from us. On Sunday we decided to go into Barnes Village and feed the ducks. After which we treated ourselves to coffee and croissants at Gails Cafe as it had already started to rain. One of my favourite occupations is people watching and especially noticing what the fashionable women are wearing. Barnes is definitely what might be termed an upmarket area and most of the women are well dressed and on-trend. So I thought that today I would write a post on how to copy the coffee shop uniform.

This seemed to comprise of a maxi or midi skirt mostly printed, combined with a classic tee and either sandals or white trainers. The occasional denim jacket or cardigan. So I had a search around a few of my favourite shops and have come up with my version of the look.

Details of above:

Navy blazer MarksandSpencer | Straw hat Cos | White tee shirt Cos | Orange umbrella MarksandSpencer | Blue cardigan MarksandSpencer | Blueprint maxi skirt Phase Eight at JohnLewis&Partners | Straw bag Nordstrom | Navy sandals Fitflp | White slip on trainers FitFlop .

I am very tempted to add a maxi skirt to my wardrobe as I am becoming a bit bored of wearing trousers most days. I also feel that it will transition well into early Autumn when I can wear it with a sweater, jacket and boots.

Here are a few examples that you might like. I have chosen midi skirts as well as maxi as they will probably work better if you are petite.

I will be taking a few days off next week as I have my two eldest grandsons coming to stay so will probably only be writing one post.

August is a strange time for fashion so if you have any topics you would like me to cover either leave a comment in the comments section or drop me an email on Chicatanyage(at)

How to copy the coffee shop uniform:


  1. Eleni
    6th August 2021 / 16:13

    Love the maxi skirts. Bought a printed one last month – still have the tags on – did not look good with a short sleeved Tee. Like the idea of a cardigan much better and I have several. Good for Fall. Thanks for the tips.

    • 8th August 2021 / 11:10

      Hello Eleni
      I agree I think a cardigan will work well. I need to replace a couple of mine which are getting very old.

  2. 6th August 2021 / 16:57

    Midi skirts become maxi on me and I have been wearing them quite a lot recently. During lockdown lived in trousers and am fed up of them! My old Per Una skirts have been widely admired, strangely and are still nice and bright after several years’ wear. I have also become a fan of the Onjenu website though choice has been restricted this season.I also wear a lot of Kettlewear colours that tone with my season (I’m a Spring). Because I am short I buy Robell ankle-grazer trousers as these are full -length on me. So many great colours to choose from. I noice you mention M&S but I find sizes for me are tricky here.I am size 8/10

    • 8th August 2021 / 11:08

      I agree M&S sizes can be a bit tricky. I am between a 10 and a 12 but find this season 12 is the best choice. What I often do is buy two sizes. There returns policy is now really easy.

  3. Paris
    6th August 2021 / 16:59

    Really nice blog, I think I can pull off this look from my existing wardrobe, but maybe wouldn’t have thought of it before. August I’d such a difficult time for clothes, especially when it rains all the time but still feels quite warm.

    • 8th August 2021 / 11:06

      Hello Lynne
      Glad that you like my blog. I agree August continues to be a very tricky month for outfits.

  4. Francie
    6th August 2021 / 19:35

    Thank you for passing this on! I’ve been enjoying a long printed maxi skirt this summer too, with my big running shoes and custom orthotics inside! It’s the only way I can walk! No more slim ankle pants, must wear maxi skirts or long, full pants, either wide-legged or palazzo-style, in order to approximate a graceful silhouette. Thank you for expressing that the maxi skirt with “trainers” or sandals can be a current look! Also thank you for mentioning your earlier use of good oxford shoes for orthotics and that this can look presentable or even chic! I will try the orthotics with an ancient pair of Finn Comfort black patent-crocodile design oxfords that are lurking in the closet, for fall and winter.

    • 8th August 2021 / 11:02

      Hello Francie
      I had to wear orthotics way back in the mid-’90s when trainers and lace-ups were not that fashionable. I will probably have to wear them again but this time around there are much more shoe options available.

  5. Veronica Goddard
    8th August 2021 / 18:09

    Great post, I enjoyed it. I’m a born and bred Londoner now living in the Derbyshire Peak District, I occasionally slightly pine for London life and will enjoy re-creating this look. I’m relieved it’s more or less what I’ve been wearing this summer, so good to know I’ve not totally lost the vibe!

  6. Christine
    8th August 2021 / 19:39

    Such a great post. Like others I am fed up with pants and in the very hot weather skirts and dresses are the coolest option.

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