Flora and Fauna of the South of France

Blue skies as far as the eye can see and a view over the magnificent hills of the Var. What more could one desire. Not quite sitting on the beach and swimming in the sea weather, although today it might be, more a stroll down the winding country lanes and through the vineyards. There to be met by a profusion of  Spring/Summer flowers adorning the hedgerows. Divine in every sense of the word. Enjoy.

This section is for cat lovers only. Since we have been coming here we have been feeding our “leftovers” to a group of feral cats. We discovered them about three years ago when the little black one and the little grey one were only kittens. They are well looked after by the kind ladies who live in the village and who feed them every evening. They have even built them a “des res ” The village of Grimaud is sometime known as “Le village des chats”.

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  1. 13th June 2013 / 15:54

    Looks as though you’re having some lovely weather there! I love seeing the olive trees. It’s nice to know that the people in the village are kind enough to look out for the cats.

  2. 13th June 2013 / 19:18

    Just back from Provence too and I can tell you that the week later the weather still hadn’t picked up…windy (the mistral) and cold. But the first week of June brought the sunny weather. Felt good. Loved the haphazard groupings of Poppies along the roadsides. Thanks.

  3. 14th June 2013 / 00:11

    So beautiful! The colours of Provence are wonderful.

  4. 15th June 2013 / 13:06

    I was in the south of France and Monaco in June many moons ago. I remember loving the poppies. Thanks for taking me back, if only in my mind! Best wishes–Susan

  5. 23rd June 2013 / 17:19

    You can get quite close and they will take food from our hands but a stroke might be a move too far.

  6. 12th May 2014 / 23:42

    I was so enjoying the flora and fauna and then a table full of black and grey pussycats! How utterly lovely. They do look well fed for feral cats.

    • 13th May 2014 / 08:19

      Hi Lagatta
      Thanks for your lovely comment. The pussycats are very well fed. We give them scraps when we are in France however a couple of local ladies feed them regularly. They have even built them little houses in the bushes.

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