Early Gift ideas to help you get organised.

Early Gift ideas to help you get organised.

For some of us it may be a bit early to start thinking of gifts for the upcoming celebratory season. This year I am beginning to feel a bit stressed due to the fact that we may soon be surrounded by packing boxes. I am going to have to be very organised. I have already started making lists of all those that I will need to buy presents for and have even started ordering some. Gone are the days when my grandfather and my father used to go out on Christmas Eve to buy their presents. Here are some early gift ideas to help you get organised.

This year I am going to keep my gifts as simple and practical as possible. My two youngest grandchildren are going to receive books as they already seem to be drowning in a sea of plastic. The two oldest boys will receive gifts related to their sports activities. For the grownups in my family I am going to think very carefully in my choices. I will be choosing gifts that will either be practical or bring them joy.

Skincare and makeup

For the women in your life. I can highly recommend the Violet Jordan skincare and go and glow sticks. I have been trialling the moisturiser and cleanser for the last month and find them both easy to use and they do their jobs effectively easily and well without any fuss. Check out my previous post about the Go and Glow sticks. I continue to use them on a regular basis if I want a quick light make-up. I find them extremely practical for travelling. They have joined in the party and have a Black Friday sale (sign up for early access). I had a lovely email from a reader in her seventies saying that she had tried the sticks and found that they worked well on her mature skin.

Early Gift ideas to help you get organised.

If you are a member at John Lewis there is an excellent offer on an Icon Beauty box (terms and conditions apply). Also they are offering £5 off any beauty purchases when you recycle your empty beauty products with BEAUTYCYCLE. If you need to refresh your Christmas tree decorations they have some excellent ones.

Christmas Trees

John Lewis has divided their gifts into different sections which makes finding the best gift for each person you have to buy for much easier.

Marks and Spencer have done something similar starting with a section for Christmas Decorations, should any of yours need replacing. Alcoholic beverages as gifts or self-consumption plus Christmas food and drink. Marks seem to have upgraded their website which makes it much easier to navigate.

For my American readers Nordstrom have an excellent gift section.

Boden also have a well-curated gift section.

Finally I would like to introduce you to Mrs B’s books. I subscribe to her newsletter and always find them very interesting. Books make great gifts for all ages. Here is a link to her Christmas selection.

Thats it for today. Back to my packing boxes. I will be back soon with more gift selections.

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  1. Sally
    12th November 2021 / 16:57

    I initially misread this as Easter gift ideas to get you organised and thought that was a bit too much forward planning! My mistake there. I too have started using violet Jordan products when I want to look casual. Really pleased. Super easy to apply and I look as if I have a nice healthy glow that lasts all day.

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