Do we consider some brands too young

Do we consider some brands too young

I had always considered Topshop to be more suitable for the young and lithe than us more mature women. I think I might have been wrong.

I had a good internet browse the other day and to my surprise found several items that I liked very much. So in the spirit of exploration and trying new looks out on your behalf I ordered a couple of coats that I consider would suit any age.

I am wearing the Topshop pink coat (Can’t believe this is also now sold out. They do have similar styles in a brighter pink). I also found one at Boden. I am wearing it with my Winserlondon cream sweater from last season similar (reduced) and Winserlondon straight black trousers. Grey felt hat some years old similar at Nordstrom and John Lewis.

As you know I love the current pink trend and especially pink coats as featured in my post How I wear pink this Spring  The Mango one shown in the post is now sold out. I am finding that the popular items are selling out very fast these day (see above).  I can understand this can be very frustrating for my readers when they click on a link only to find “sold out”. I think this may be due to the current financial climate. Stores do not seem to be carrying large stocks preferring to make more profit from quick turnover. This is posing a problem for many bloggers as it can sometimes take up to a week or more from photography to blog post.  On this occasion I thought I would look for an alternative pink coat you might like.

Photos taken outside our local theatre in Richmond by my talented photographer Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram.

Are there any stores or bands that you don’t even consider as you think that they only stock styles suitable for the young?


  1. WendyB
    13th March 2017 / 14:14

    Love that! It makes me want to have some marshmallows or macarons. I never look at Top Shop or H & M. Will definitely have a look now.

  2. 13th March 2017 / 14:21

    I swear my heart rate rises when I enter TopShop because I know I’ll find something to fit.
    I’m 54, 5’1” and petite, and clothes from most ‘grown up’ shops drown me. Chosen carefully and mixed with sensible neutrals, my TopShop finds enliven my wardrobe. Never too old for TopShop!

    • 13th March 2017 / 16:30

      Thanks Sarah. I will remember that they are good for Petites. I am writing a post specially for petites so will keep Topshop in mind.

  3. Barbara MCGOVERN
    13th March 2017 / 16:03

    I used to buy quite a bit in Zara but I’ve found over the past 6 months or so there has been nothing that has caught my eye. It seems to have gone more than ever over to the young side. I mean REALLY young !!! Is this just me? What do you think ?

    • 13th March 2017 / 16:27

      Hi Barbara
      I totally agree with you about Zara. I have some lovely pieces from a couple of years ago. Their jackets work for me as they have narrow shoulders but have not bought anything recently as the quality has gone down and the styles are way too young looking!!

      • 25th May 2017 / 22:55

        My problem with Zara is the woeful quality. I have the odd combination of narrow shoulders and a full bust, hard to fit.

        • 26th May 2017 / 08:40

          Hi Lagatta
          I agree I have found that the quality of Zara has deteriorated compared with a few years ago. I still have some items from then which I continue to wear. I have narrow shoulders but not a full bust and their jacket shapes work for me. They do not cater for the fuller figure.

    • Ariss
      16th March 2017 / 07:44

      Agreed. The quality has gone down too.

  4. Anne
    13th March 2017 / 16:29

    That is one gorgeous coat! I must admit, I haven’t bought in TopShop since I was in my 20s on a student budget (£5 a dress in those days) but quite coincidentally, just after I read your blog today, I read an email from net-a-porter featuring a stunning link and navy striped shirt dress from TopShop! Maybe I should also think about TopShop again and look again!

  5. Eleni
    13th March 2017 / 16:38

    Love the first picture, nice expression, looking very professional. Pink suits you very well.

  6. 13th March 2017 / 17:48

    Another source I actually discovered when in London..and have since been in Cos. It’s the higher price point of H&M. Aside from having tiny buttons on many things (!) I love the look. It’s definitely more classic than H&M although I love that store. Being almost a Petite and small build, the more junior looks can work well for me.

    • 13th March 2017 / 17:54

      Hi Libby
      Yes I know Cos well. I have a few tops from them. They do great plain trapeze style T-shirts. I loved the at the beginning but have not bought anything for the past few season. Don’t know Wrap. Looks interesting.

  7. Caroline Enfissi
    13th March 2017 / 20:55

    I find that a lot of Top Shop stuff is over priced and rather poor quality fabrics. Also I can’t bring myself to buy anything that might support the loathsome Phillip Green. I often find nice things in New Look though.

  8. Wendy in York
    13th March 2017 / 21:18

    Got to agree with Caroline – Mr Green doesn’t deserve our custom . I like good quality fabrics now & don’t think I will find them there . Many of the ‘young’ shops are cut too small for my square shouldered frame but I often find things I like in our local Toast . I can’t wear pink but it really suits you.

  9. Sue Lewellen
    14th March 2017 / 02:38

    I had never shopped Top Shop, but took some time to check it out. I found most items too tucked, ripped, or ruffled for me. There was a cute gingham trench coat that I liked, but won’t need it here in TX.

    • 14th March 2017 / 13:55

      Hi Sue
      I popped into the Topshop store in Oxford street this morning on my way to the dentist and I would agree there was nothing I liked or thought was suitable in there except they did have a good petite department. I find that the website is better. It does take some searching but there are one or two items I liked.

  10. 16th March 2017 / 14:16

    This Pink and Baby Blue are also my favorites this year. This coat that you are wearing is gorgeous. I’m often in Richmond too. We might bump into each other! Great photo’s Josephine. I could do with a photographer too!

    • 19th March 2017 / 12:12

      Hi Laurie

      Thanks for your comment.
      If you are going to Richmond give me a shout and maybe we could meet for coffee.

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