Cosy and luxurious nightwear

Cosy and luxurious nightwear

Well I think this definitely qualifies as a bad hair day! There are some mornings when you have not slept so well. Maybe buying new nightwear would cheer up the morning. I know that many of the items in my bottom draw need replacing. Somehow I never get round to sorting out my nightdresses and pyjamas. I think it is about time I did.

womens nightwearDETAILS: Bath robe // Floral print pyjama set // Gorgeous silk eye mask by Stephie Ann // slippers.

Personally I like to wear cosy pyjamas in the winter when the nights are cold. In the summer months, especially when I am in France, I like long silk or cotton nightdresses. I always wear a silk eye mask especially when I am travelling. Hotel rooms can have distracting lights. Red TV buttons or light peeking through ill fitting curtains. My silk eye masks are definitely beginning to look a bit “manky” (a Brit terminology). I was thrilled to discover beautiful print ones by Stephie Ann. It is refreshing to discover a brand heralding british creativity at its best. All the products are british designed and made in britain.


I always have a packet of earplugs in my travel case. I am sensitive to noise at night and have had many a bad experience in noisy hotel rooms. When you book they often say “quiet room”.  when arrive this can often mean near a busy road or you can’t stop the air con making a buzzing noise. Better to be well prepared with an eye mask and ear plugs.

Blue cotton flannel pyjamas & silk eye mask

DETAILS: Blue cotton flannel pyjamas // Rose print eye mask by Stephie Ann // This works deep sleep pillow spray  // Beauty Bear age defying pillow  // slippers.

The eye mask came beautifully packaged. When I lifted the lid there was a powerful aroma of soothing lavender, a beautiful poem on Love and Friendship by Emily Bronte and a story outlining the inspiration behind the design.

The attention to detail reminded me of how the classy french shops in Paris present their products. This is a totally British made and designed luxury product and in my opinion rivals the best Paris has to offer.

It would make a wonderful gift. Maybe for Valentine’s day next week. Drop a hint to your significant other.

An added benefit I find from wearing an eye mask every night is that it helps protect the delicate skin round my eyes from wrinkling. At least that is my impression. It works in the same way as sleeping on a silk pillow. I have included a strange looking black silky pillow (it does come in other colours) in my image. It is designed to minimise wrinkles caused by your sleep position. I have not tried one but intend to do so. It was recommended in The Sunday Times beauty section.




Disclaimer: The StephieAnn silk mask was gifted to me. I am more than happy to support British design.


  1. 6th February 2017 / 14:52

    I was just thinking of ordering a silk pillow case.. I definitely sleep on my left side and yes, there is a real difference in my skin on either side of face! An eye mask…no, I think I would feel claustrophobic. But I most definitely agree about carrying ear plugs. Nothing is worse than noise at night!

  2. eleni
    6th February 2017 / 15:57

    I definitely use a silk pillow case, it is also good for the hair. I can’t use a sleep mask or ear-plugs. However both my daughters travel constantly for business and use both ear-plugs and a sleeping mask. The silk masks you mention would be terrific gifts for both daughters. Thank you for the tips. I do like the sketches !

  3. jacqui
    6th February 2017 / 20:36

    I’ve heard a silk pillow case is good for the hair, but not the skin! Will have to give this some serious though!

    • 7th February 2017 / 10:25

      Hi jacqui
      I have been using silk pillows for some years now and find that I don’t get those deep creases on my cheeks when I wake in the morning. I think that must help with general skin smoothness although have not done a scientific test. Silk pillow cases also feel much softer and more comfortable. I notice the difference when I stay in hotels.

  4. Christine
    7th February 2017 / 09:25

    Hi Josephine, thank you for the interesting post. I also use a sleep mask when travelling. However I find it often ends up slipping down! I have tried various earplugs too, but find they won’t stay in my ears. What type do you find best?

    • 7th February 2017 / 10:21

      The best earplugs are called Bio Ears. They are the small malleable ones either blue or pink. I find that I can mould them into the correct shape for my ears. I don’t like the foam ones. I buy mine from Boots (they also have similar in the french pharmacies). I think they are in the swimming earplug section.

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