Classic camel coats

Camel is the new grey. For the last few years, we have been automatically reaching for our greys, blacks, and navies. Now the warmer colours camel, rust, and mustard have become the new neutrals. Great for our warm-toned sisters but how do us cooler girls adopt this new trend. I mix my warmer colours with my brights.


  1. Lynda Banister
    10th November 2017 / 14:22

    I bought a dark camel coat in a sale two years ago(Laura Ashley) but still have not worn it. This is partly because it needs altering -I foolishly bought a standard fitting when I’m petite so the shoulders are too wide and the sleeves too long. I can do it myself but I’m wondering whether to just sell it on as it’s not a colour I usually wear. I like black, grey and navy better as I’m cool toned but I know camel can look good with red, burgundy, teal etc.I’m just ignoring it in my coats cupboard at the moment!

    • 10th November 2017 / 17:24

      Hi Lynda
      Sleeves are quite easy to shorten however when it comes to shoulders they are complex you will need a good tailor, not just a seamstress and that is expensive. If you don’t love the color you might be best to sell it on and put the money towards a coat you love. You could add a red or navy which would jazz it up.

  2. Mary
    10th November 2017 / 15:24

    Years ago I was given an 100% cashmere camel coat. It was too long for me and, stupidly, I tried to shorten it. Of course I wasn’t happy with my effort and I gave the coat away to someone who was going to make a skirt from it. Moral: If you’re not a very competent tailor(less) don’t cut corners and attempt a DIY project. I have replaced the coat with a long, black 80% Cashmere and 20% wool coat.
    I do like my black coat which fits perfectly and goes with everything!
    As I have grown older I have found myself making life easier with one or two basic colours and adding “fashionable” colours in my accessories.
    (If I may make a comment, Lynda, I would sell your coat if you are not 100% happy with the colour! )

    • 10th November 2017 / 17:20

      I have had quite a few of my expensive good quality coats and jackets altered over the years. I am lucky that I have a very good tailor near where I live. Not cheap but they do a good job and I keep my clothes for many years and they have been well worth the initial investment.

    • Suzanne
      19th November 2017 / 13:41

      I too have an ill fitting camel (vicuna) coat that is new and never worn. I love camel and dark camels and they do look good with my coloring. I am heart sick at the thought of donating it, but it has really low armholes that make me look dowdy. I bought it on line because I have not been shopping in the US in a couple of years (to get a good fit). Here in Japan, everything is “petite” sizing and I am a “regular” or “misses” at 5’7″. Tailoring here is very expensive with no guarantee thst I can make my wishes known clearly enough to be worth it. So out it goes. I am glad to see these colors rotating back into fashion and have always loved wearing camel with light or med greys so I am surprised that some comments seem to suggest that they do not work well together. I say, go for it. In my fashion book,Camel mixes well with black, navy, grey and red.

      • 19th November 2017 / 18:25

        Hi Suzanne

        Sorry about the camel coat but sometimes pieces just don’t work. I agree grey goes will with camel.

  3. Shirley Davey/ Van.B.C.
    11th November 2017 / 07:08

    The camel coats all look very nice, personally I can’t wear camel with my white and grey hair it does nothing for my skin tone. I stick to grey, black and navy and add cool colours. Love your blog, it gives me lots of ideas as to what to wear with what. Keep it up.

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