Capes/Ponchos continue on trend this autumn

Capes/ponchos continue on trend for Autumn 2015




Capes/ponchos continue on trend for 2015




Capes on trend for 2015 2Photos by Karen



Capes/Ponchos continue on trend this autumn.

If you a looking to freshen your wardrobe for the coming season and keep warm on those chilly summer evenings buy a cape or a poncho. I predict that they will be two of the biggest trends for A/W 2015.

In my opinion they can be worn by most women. If you are petite don’t choose a very voluminous version. Stripes, plaids, neutral or a strong colour, whatever takes your fancy.  There are plenty of styles on offer at a variety of price ranges.


The moonlight blue poncho I am wearing is by Winserlondon. It is also available at John Lewis.









  1. Lynn
    14th August 2015 / 16:38

    No sorry I don’t like them on me anyway!

  2. Susan (une femme)
    14th August 2015 / 17:20

    That’s such a lovely color on you! Winser London has some really beautiful pieces.

    I love ponchos, and haven’t had one in my wardrobe in some years. This may be the season that I bite.

  3. Carol
    14th August 2015 / 18:38

    Just purchased a lovely Scottish cashmere poncho that is versatile enough to wear backwards (V opening) front wards (traditional horizontal opening) and scrunched as a comfy F/W scarf. Used it as lightweight, cozy cover-up on plane & during trip for cozy coverup. From French company run by retired model Linda Wright. At There is even a video online that shows how to reconfigure this lucious, soft, comfort wear to how ever one wants to wear it. And no, I am not an advertiser, just a very satisfied customer! Thanks for th great blog; I check it everyday.

    • 15th August 2015 / 05:59

      Thanks Carol. I checked out the link but it did not work. However I tried another one and found the video Crimson Cashmere It is great thanks.

  4. Pam@over50feeling40
    15th August 2015 / 21:30

    You look so gorgeous in this blue cape. I love it. There are some stunning cape designs for Fall…I saw a gorgeous tweed and winter white. But, you own this blue Josephine!

  5. The Style Crone
    18th August 2015 / 13:25

    You are stunning in blue. I love capes, and have plenty to choose from in my closet. They are an easy way to layer and add so much fun to any ensemble.

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