Blue is one of the chicest colours this Spring




Fashion advice for women over 50. Blue cashmere sweater and blue pashmina shaw. by


Now that the sun is finally shining in London and the cherry blossom is out I have a craving for colour.

I thought I would stick with my blue obsession and show you my latest love.  This beautiful cashmere sweater in a vivid cobalt blue is by Winserlondon as is the pashmina wrap.



Fashion for 50+ women. cashmere sweater, blue pashmina



Do you have a colour that is your current favourite?







  1. Janice
    21st April 2015 / 12:18

    You look gorgeous in blue; I may never wear it again after seeing how it flatters you!

    • 21st April 2015 / 12:21

      Janice You should definitely continue to wear blue, it is a fairly universal colour and I am sure you look great in it.

  2. Orbb
    21st April 2015 / 12:35

    I love that fabulous shade of blue! 🙂

  3. Margo
    21st April 2015 / 12:57

    Hi Josephine. I have developed a Winser London obsession thanks to you. Their pieces are great quality and inspire of keeping my hair blond their blues are extremely flattering. Please do so more pieces on trousers for pears with small waist hand big hips. You look brilliant in Winser blue. Margo

    • 21st April 2015 / 14:10

      Hi Margo.
      Glad you like Winserlondon I find their clothes very good quality. I have exactly the same issue with trousers. I find the Winserlondon leggings work well for me. When I tried their wide leg flat front trousers they were not so good I will have to investigate further. My best advice would be to find a good alterations person then buy to fit your hips and have the waist taken in. I constantly have to do this.

  4. Madame Là-Bas
    21st April 2015 / 14:06

    I just bought a blue cotton skirt and wrap in Mexico
    and I have been wearing it repeatedly. Blue is a great accent colour for grey hair.

  5. andrea
    21st April 2015 / 16:07

    Blue is you! you look absolutely stunning

  6. Pam@over50feeling40
    21st April 2015 / 16:28

    it is hands down YOUR color…Josephine! This is a beautiful look!

  7. Zoe
    21st April 2015 / 18:02

    Yo look great in that colour Josie. My favourites at the mo are light grey and soft pink.

  8. Lesley
    21st April 2015 / 18:27

    Love the colour! I enjoy it too

  9. Janis crummack
    21st April 2015 / 18:34

    I have a problem with wearing anckle length ciggarette style trousers . I dont want to wear flat shoes but feel heels dont look right either .what shoes would you wear? I have an expensive camel coloured pair i havent worn because of 67 and size 14 so dont want to look muttoney !!

    • 22nd April 2015 / 09:26

      Hi Janis
      I agree ankle length trousers are tricky with shoes. I normally wear flats or sandals. You could try a small wedge heel or one of the new 2″ block heel. I have a pair so will try them to see if they work and get back to you.

  10. Terry
    21st April 2015 / 18:45

    You look stunning in blue. It is my favourite too – goes with my skin colouring and my eyes. I had to laugh when you wrote that you were happy to see it was on trend this year, only because that would make it easier for you to find. 🙂

  11. Anna
    21st April 2015 / 20:43

    You do look fabulous in blue.I must admit that I am new to Winser and will now be shopping from them in due course. I also like the Jigsaw trousers with the inverted ‘V’ hem ,but I cant find them on the link.Do you know what they are called?

  12. Barbara Harris
    21st April 2015 / 22:02

    You look beautiful in jewel colours, Josephine.
    I dont wear blue now at all, In New Zealand we wore blue all through childhood and school days.

    • 22nd April 2015 / 09:22

      Hi Barbara
      I know school uniform can put you off a colour. Mine was navy and I still like it as a basic neutral.

  13. The Hipsterette
    21st April 2015 / 23:46

    I am still sporting my Starry Starry Night midnight blue nails – so all these choices are winners for me! Great colour on you!

  14. Susan G
    22nd April 2015 / 14:47

    Cobalt blue is one of my favourite shades to wear. It looks wonderful on you — just look at those eyes!

  15. une femme
    22nd April 2015 / 15:24

    Josephine, you look absolutely stunning in that color!! I’m into blues as well this spring, from navy to cerulean to robin’s egg. May have to try out some cobalt as well.

  16. The Style Crone
    22nd April 2015 / 15:25

    Blue is my favorite color and you wear it to perfection!

  17. Patrizia Molechino
    23rd April 2015 / 18:18

    You look fantastic, Josephine….and the cashmere sweater and wrap are gorgeous, too…

  18. lorna mai
    23rd April 2015 / 18:55

    I love colour so much I made a business out of it. My favourite blue is cornflower blue. It’s lighter and warmer than cobalt. Love Jigsaw, you’ve got good taste! I’ve just been reading your About Me page. Ooh you’re so lucky to get to go to Saint Tropez all the time!

  19. Janet
    24th April 2015 / 19:55

    I see you buy a lot from Nordstrum, how do I know how much shipping and tax I would have to pay for goods to be shipped to the UK.
    Thanks janet

    • 25th April 2015 / 10:40

      Hi Janet
      As I have quite a large readership in the US I try to feature about 50% brands from the states and 50% from the UK.
      Shipping from the States is a bit of a nuisance. The parcel is normally impounded by customs and excise and you receive an invoice. The parcel is not released till you pay the tax. In my experience this normally seems to be about £35 but can vary with the value of the item.
      Depending on the rate of exchange at the time Nordstrom does seem to offer some good bargains. Certainly Eileen Fisher is much cheaper than in the UK so it may be worth the bother.

  20. Ann smith
    25th April 2015 / 07:16

    Hi Josephine , you look beautiful in that blue. I never wore blue. I had honey blonde hair and brown eyes . I always wore greens,browns and beige. Now that I’ve gone grey (!!) blue is my new ‘ go to ‘ colour. My old colours do nothing for me. When shopping my eye is now always drawn to blues and greys. Ann

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