Bits and pieces from the South of France

Trust you enjoyed my “Remembrance Day” post. Just popped out to the Boulangerie early this morning to buy our breakfast baguette and caught the end of a ceremony to commemorate the “fallen in the two world wars” in the grand place outside our big church. A lot of blowing of bugles and singing of anthems as the mayor of the village received the flag. Very moving.

It has been a strange week in our little hide out in France. Our hot water boiler has been broken for over 10 days now and despite my valiant attempts to find a “plombier” who can fix it, no luck so far. I think it must be the same the world over, they don’t return your calls the only one who turned up had ordered the wrong part. C’est la vie. I am getting quite used to cold showers and at least my technical “plumbing french vocabulary” has improved. 
Here are a few titbits to keep you amused.
These little cones turn into very useful bags!

I think this must be the French equivalent of Morris dancers

This is for sale if anybody has the enthusiasm for a lot of DIY

I just love the design on these screens
At least some very good news to end the week. I have been featured in The Wall Street Journal along with some of my favourite bloggers who write for fashionable mature women.
and it’s beautifully warm and sunny here.
Have a great week-end
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  1. 1st November 2013 / 12:37

    Hah! They do *look* like Morris Dancers! Congratulations on being featured in the article and I hope you get your plumbing fixed soon.

  2. 1st November 2013 / 12:37

    Congratulations! on the Wall Street Journal…loved the pictures and the tour!

  3. 2nd November 2013 / 09:18

    It will be another 6 months until I can just “pop into our local boulangerie.” There was a mass of flags and also much trumpet blowing in our village too during “Remembrance Day” last year – a wonderful community event.

    Congratulations on being mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. Bon weekend et bisous.

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