Autumn/Winter fashion colours to add to our wardrobes

Autumn/Winter fashion colours

Autumn/Winter fashion colours to add to our wardrobes

There has been a major shift in the colour palette this season. After many years in the doldrums, the rich warm colours of Autumn have returned to popularity. On my tour of the major stores recently I found that they were full of deep warm tones. It has taken me a while to get my eye in and I am going to have to learn how to incorporate these colours into my wardrobe.

I have had a few comments from readers that I feature predominantly cool colour tones on my blog. This is because the clothes I buy tend to fall into this category. My most flattering colours due to my now silver grey hair are light, bright and cool. I have certainly had a good run these last few years as these colours have been readily available.

A great place to start when building the basics for our Autumn/Winter wardrobes is with a good quality jacket. Whether classic or slightly more oversized, whichever is your preference. A good quality jacket is an ideal pre-winter item.  The most significant factor when choosing a new jacket will be the colour.

Details of above: Double breasted camel jacket, John Lewis & partners //  Plaid scarf Nordstrom // Cowl neck sweater John Lewis & Partners  // Bracelets Nordstrom //  Wine stretch fabric tapered trousers John Lewis & partners // Brown ankle boots Boden // Tan bag Matt & Nat (they do ship to the UK via a UK warehouse so no extra costs.



  1. Brigitte Aubrey
    24th September 2018 / 16:19

    I love the Autumn and I love the rich colours of this season so I am very happy with the colour palette.
    As always thanks for your suggestions!

    • 25th September 2018 / 10:16

      HI Brigitte
      Glad you are enjoying the new seasons colours. You certainly have plenty of choice.

  2. Anon
    24th September 2018 / 16:46

    A few years ago, my skin was a cool tone with warm undertones. My hair was a warm color with gold tones. My eyes are blue, with gold flecks, so they appear blue-green sometimes. This meant that I had a wide selection of color choices.

    When my hair started losing its color rather quickly, my clothing colors didn’t work for me. It was discouraging. I am gradually making my way to the cooler side of the color spectrum, but it has been a learning process. I have to retrain myself from long-engrained preferences.

    I will be watching to see which colors you choose, Josephine. I think most of the colors this fall won’t do me any favors. Deep, muddy fall colors weigh me down. Camel probably looks better ON a camel than on me.

    Keep true to yourself. It’s fine to show what is out there on store racks, but personal color choices are just that — personal.

    • 25th September 2018 / 10:09

      Thank you for your comment. Those deep fall colours don’t work well for me either and camel is too yellow toned. I am planning to go for the deeper colours in trousers,skirts, accessories such as bags and shoes and mixed in prints. I have already ordered the JL trousers in plum and plan to wear them with my soft pinks and greys.

  3. Brenda Chell
    24th September 2018 / 17:34

    Thank you Josephine for doing all this leg work for us. I’m so happy I already have these colours in my wardrobe. As I too favour cool colours I wear magenta rather than maroon near my face. Have a similar tan bag, dark tan boots and a large M&S mustard scarf with big floral red, navy and green. Goes really well with
    with my navy trench coat. Thank you for showing us how you put your outfits together so we can copy some of your fabulous ideas. You do a wonderful job, and are a much appreciated lovely woman.

    • 25th September 2018 / 10:13

      Thank you Brenda for joining the conversation and your kind words. It sound as though you have got the colour conunundrum sorted.

  4. Angela
    24th September 2018 / 22:31

    Accessories are definitely the way to go when new season colours don’t work with ones own skin tone. I really wanted some leopard booties but in New Zealand our choices are limited and now happily I am now the proud owner of beautiful tan Oxford style shoes and a tan bag which I pair with navy or black for autumn/winter and white for spring. 🙂

  5. 25th September 2018 / 10:14

    I agree with you Angela accessories are an ideal way to give a nod to the new seasons colours

  6. Ann
    27th September 2018 / 23:41

    Great post, Josephine. I do love these colors and will pair them as necessary with neutrals, e.g., navy, black, grey.

    It seems I do well with either warm or cool, but not TOO cool or TOO warm. Not sure what that says about my coloring. But mostly, when the weather turns cool it feels like it’s time to wear these warmer fall’ish colors.

    As someone else said, thanks for doing this legwork for us.

    Ann in Missouri

    • 28th September 2018 / 17:23

      Hi Ann You are very lucky to be so adaptable.

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