Are women under pressure to look a certain way.

While I work on my computer I often like to listen to the radio especially Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4. This morning there was a very interesting discussion and phone in about women of all ages being under pressure to look a certain way and how we are influenced by the media and advertising.

I felt that it is such a current topic that my readers would also be interested to listen to the recording. Here is the link Women’s Hour. It is about 45 mins long however there are some good points raised. Not sure if you will be able to tune in from outside the UK, I do hope so.

What are your opinions on this subject. Do leave a comment.

Thank you for reading. 
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  1. 1st August 2012 / 11:43

    I listened to this, it was fantastic. (And plan to mention it on my blog too). I think women are under a lot of pressure to stay looking young, and there aren’t enough older women in the media. Personally, I’d rather look real than all plastic-y and Botoxed.

  2. Catherine
    1st August 2012 / 16:07

    I thought it was interesting that there was not one woman who had regretted having surgery so I wonder how much of a cross section spoke. I have always thought the answer to this fear of ageing is to be found in good old fashioned grooming and posture. Good grooming and posture allows for every part of you to be shown to its greatest potential so that there is just no need to interfere surgically. ‘Work with what you have’ my mother used to say when I was going through the thick foundation adolescent stage and now I say the same to my daughter. The media is definitely to blame for so much of women’s dissatisfaction with their bodies. I was not surprised to learn recently that in developing countries where the media has far less power, anorexia does not exist.

  3. 2nd August 2012 / 13:14

    I will definitely listen to this later….thank you for sharing. I think being comfortable in your own skin, is the key… whatever your age; especially as we age it is all about self acceptance, discipline and grace. There is nothing wrong with looking your age; just try to look as good as you possibly can and walk tall and with confidence 😉

  4. 2nd August 2012 / 18:09

    thank you for sharing the link…looking forward to listening to this… xv

  5. Susan
    2nd August 2012 / 22:57

    I loved the program; thank you for the link. I had surgery to correct a truly horrific nose and never regretted it. I’m 62 and don’t know if I’ll have surgery again. I set my own standard for beauty based on healthy habits and inner substance. My guidance in fashion comes from blogs. Although many of them feature young women, there is a great deal of style inspiration. Fashion magazines no longer do it for me, as they all seem to be in competition for the teen market and feature ridiculous, unwearable clothing.

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