A visit to "The Ventura"

We were privileged and delighted to be invited on board  “The Ventura”, one of the largest cruise ships in the P and O Cruise fleet, over the Easter week-end. A great friend of ours Charlie Carr is the Captain of this very impressive vessel. It has 12 restaurants, 4 pools, an oasis Spa and a very well equipped gym. It was named by Dame Helen Mirren when it entered service in 2008 (a very good start it is as elegant and impressive as the Dame herself). We were give a regal guided tour of the 15 decks (but no deck 13), extra exercise was not needed that day. It is vast with a capacity for 3.574 passengers and 1,226 crew. You might be able to get an idea of the scale from the pictures below as she was moored in the port of Monte Carlo.

The other “millionaire” or should I say “billionaire” yachts looked very large until the Ventura arrived.

Maybe this gives you an idea of her size!

My husband on deck with Captain Carr

A selection of flags, each one has a different meaning

Me and The Captain

Thank you Captain Carr for our magical day!
One can dream. If you have dreams of the material kind Monte Carlo is the place to go. More next post on the playground of the “billionaires”

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  1. 13th April 2012 / 13:08

    Oh how fun to be able to go up into the wheelhouse! It looks like a beautiful ship.

  2. 13th April 2012 / 13:46

    The bridge looks like a harmonica in front of the “face” of the ship.

    A stay on a ship without nasty high waves is the best way to explore a ship, imho.

    apropos deck 13: happy friday 13!

  3. 13th April 2012 / 23:28

    The occasional “sticky beak” is very satisfying – it looks impressive, but not for me. Yachts – yes, but after a rough trip on a passenger liner as a child I have no desire to experience the waves on one of these vessels again.

  4. 15th April 2012 / 23:14

    Fascinating tour- I’ve never been on a ship that size. Eager to hear more.

  5. 17th April 2012 / 08:40

    Loved reading about your visit to the Ventura, lokks very impressive! Would love to hear your take on what the best dressed ladies in Monte Carlo were wearing>

  6. 18th April 2012 / 15:02

    Hi LinC There were a mixture of dress codes in Monte Carlo. The centre was full of tourists wearing the usual outfits of anoraks etc. In our hotel I did spy a few Chanel jackets, some real some maybe not worn with jeans (mostly skinny on the young). Shoes were very high heels or flat loafer style. The restaurant in the evening we say lots classic black and some interesting bags.

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