A visit to Collobrières in the Var

A visit to Collobrières in the Var

Where to visit in the Var region of France

I thought that I would take you on a mini-tour of the villages in the Var. We are so lucky to be able to spend time in this beautiful region of France. October is a perfect month to explore some of the very pretty villages in the region.

I thought I would start with Collobrières which is the capital of Les Maures in the Var. It is tucked away in a valley surrounded by Les Maures Massif, halfway between St.Tropez and Toulon. A word of warning if you are driving there the road is very narrow and winding.

Provencal architecture

If you get the chance to travel to this region I would highly recommend a visit to Collobrières. You will be charmed by the lush vegetation and colourful shutters.

A visit to Collobrières in the Var

The Collobrier River, which runs through the village, is overlooked by old picturesque houses. It is spanned by an old 12th-century donkey bridge.

A visit to Collobrières in the Var

The Place de la Mairie, charming and shady, has a beautiful old fountain. You can enjoy the good atmosphere of the village at cocktail hour on the terraces of the place Rouget de L’Isle. It is deliciously shaded under the plane trees and umbrellas.

Chestnut production in the Var


The chestnut forests in the Var are mostly found in the Maures Massif. The village of Collobrières is the chestnut capital of this region. Small producers sell chestnut/marron jam or cream, purée and other marron-based products. They are absolutely delicious. Above you can see how the chestnuts/marrons are processed.

My favourite way to eat marrons is freshly roasted, however, if you have a sweet tooth I would highly recommend the marron icecreams.

A visit to Collobrières in the Var

After our delicious lunch at La Petite Fontaine, we spent some time exploring the pretty side streets.

A visit to Collobrières in the Var

We found some quaint little old fashioned shops.

A visit to Collobrières in the Var

Bric a Brac Shop. A quaint collection of china and books.

A visit to Collobrières in the Var

Enjoying the beautiful sunshine. The trousers and top I am wearing are both from HopefashionUK. A few seasons old however they continue to stock similar items in their foundation range. I always travel with at least three or four of their foundation pieces. They wash well, don’t crease and the fabric is breathable. Necklace a few years old. A good selection of similar at John Lewis & partners or you could try Etsy.

A visit to Collobrières in the Var

Restaurants in this region

The food in this region is also excellent and there are some superb restaurants to be found in the back streets of this quaint village. Restaurants in Collobrières. On this occasion, we chose La Petite Fontaine. Traditional French cuisine. I had the chicken casserole with potatoes dauphinoise.

Marron Glaces Artisanales

Finally, do not leave without having made a visit to the confectionery shop Azuréennes. It is a veritable treasure and has offered a wide variety of Marron products since 1945.


  1. Susan Lee
    29th October 2018 / 12:11

    Hi Josephine
    Thank you for your interesting blog today.It was lovely to see what it is like in the Var at this time of year. You look lovely in the clothes you were wearing and your hair looks very pretty.Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  2. Janet McNeal
    29th October 2018 / 16:38

    What absolutely beautiful pictures, the place looks enchanting, as for Marron Glace, Well! must find a recipe. Would like to try Hope Fashion, but do not like buying on line.

    • 30th October 2018 / 13:18

      Hi Janet
      I understand your reticence however Hope Fashion have an different sizing system which I find makes life much easier. Another tip if you are unsure is to buy two sizes, most brands have an easy return system. Once I have estasblished my correct size with a brand it makes it quick to re-order the basics.

  3. Lynn Brogden
    29th October 2018 / 20:44

    What a lovely blog, you look lovely Josephine, and I so enjoyed the pictures, it looks a beautiful place.

  4. 31st October 2018 / 15:12

    NOW THOSE HATS IN THAT SHOP would be another item to GO with those BASKETS!!!!!!!!!!!THEY ARE STACKABLE!!!!!!!!!XX

  5. Lisa Brown
    26th January 2020 / 18:26

    We visited Collobrieres in 2003 and still think fondly about our meal at La Petite Fontaine. So glad to know it is still serving up delicious meals!

    • 27th January 2020 / 09:38

      Hi Lisa
      Thanks for your comment. We have not been back to La Petite Fontaine for some time and I heard that it has changed ownership so not sure if it will be as good.

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