A trip down Bond Street

It was a lovely bright sunny Autumn morning as I took a stroll down Bond Street ogling all the designer windows as I went. Here are a few examples. Unfortunately the sun although brightening up my day was not conducive to taking good photos without reflection from the glass. If anybody out there knows a way to take photos of glass without reflection please let me know.

My favourite – the Maxmara window. So elegant (although not sure about the trousers!)

Louis Vuitton window – Exceedingly colourful

Louis Vuitton again – Not sure about this one!

The perfect bag if you are a cat lover

All of this preamble was before my appointment for my personal skin analysis. This was quite an experience as I witnessed my skin in all its imperfections reflected back at me via a very sophisticated imaging computer. Very state of the art. All the wrinkles and sun damage were highlighted. What was a girl to do but hand over her Barclaycard in hope of miracles. The thing is these miracles, if they occur, can be monitored and verified as I have another consultation in 6 week time when I will find myself back facing the very revealing computer. We shall see if this is money well spent or not. At least it can not be as bad as being seduced by the sales pitch in a department store and inveigled into buying the latest miracle cream without any evidence that it is appropriate for your skin or any follow up. I shall report back. I have been trialing the Vitamin C serum and did find it very pleasant to use and ideally it added an extra layer of protection against the sun. I have now added Retinol 0.3 and pigment regulator to help fade those pesky brown spots. Another request from my very knowledgeable readers. Does anybody know where I can buy a nose guard to attach to my sun glasses for when I am cycling. I have googled and tried sports shops without any luck.

You know you are in trouble when they bring you free grapes and nuts before your skin analysis

The cabinet of temptation
Off to France tomorrow so will be able to bring you some news and views from there.
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  1. 13th September 2012 / 16:30

    I look forward to hearing about the effectiveness of your new skin care products. I know I’ve *seen* those nose guards (maybe at sporting goods store?). Hope you’re able to find one. And that MaxMara camel coat makes my heart go pittypat!

  2. 13th September 2012 / 18:18

    A cycling nose guard, hm. I’ve tried in the past to find one and failed so I cut out a triangle from white bristol board and stuck it under the bridge of my sunglasses, not exactly the most flattering look, but my nose thanked me. (That solution lasted about two days.) Good luck with your miracle skin!! I look forward to your report.

  3. 14th September 2012 / 00:02

    Seriously, you would wear a cycling nose guard? I layer a chemical, then physical sunscreen. Perhaps you could use a flesh toned Zinc oxide like the life guards use. Just trying to help. I’d stop riding I’d I had to wear a nose guard.
    I’ve seen my skin through those machines and they are a terrific wake up call to the damage we have done to our skin
    The Max Mara pants are goofy looking to me.

  4. 14th September 2012 / 00:06

    So enjoyed the tour…and I love the handbag in the top window!!! Not to mention the coat…love it!

  5. 14th September 2012 / 03:14

    Looking forward to future posts on results. Sounds promising. Great pictures of the window displays!

  6. Catherine
    14th September 2012 / 06:00

    The Louis Vuitton window display dummy is a replica of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama who is 83 and, I guess, has collaborated with LV on a limited edition of bag designs. Not my style either, but she is a fascinating woman ahead of her time in terms of the content of her work. Selfridges also has a Kusama theme in its window displays at the moment.

    The Maxmara colour palette is so rich but I agree, the trousers could prove to be this year’s fad – how to knock 6 inches off your leg length – still, useful for slipping inside boots!

  7. 15th September 2012 / 11:33

    I love the Maxmara outfit apart from the trousers but Lois Vuitton or not I think those hand bags are hideous (I know – I am boring :))
    I am not long back from Edinburgh and the Lois Vuitton display there is completely different – discreet and what I would call tasteful – with lovely hand bags in the window which I can only but look at and wish – way out of my financial range I’m afraid.

    • 17th September 2012 / 07:16

      Oh Leslie – they do garish displays there too, trust me! I loathe LV in all its forms.

  8. 16th September 2012 / 11:17

    I love to see beige in the Fall. I’m anxious to hear more about the skin regime. So there’s hope….

  9. 17th September 2012 / 07:15

    I love strolling along Bond St and Max Mara is always a pit stop for me.

  10. 18th September 2012 / 09:51

    A well styled life. I love cycling to my Yoga class twice a week and yes I would wear a nose guard if I could find one. I have had surgery on my nose and need to protect the new skin from the environment. Temporarily wearing one of those masks usually seen on Japanese traffic policemen.
    Thanks to everyone else for their comments.

  11. 18th September 2012 / 09:52

    I also loved the Max Mara coat. I do have an old one that is not dissimilar so with a bit of tailoring it might just fill the bill this winter.

  12. Anonymous
    18th September 2012 / 21:59

    The Max Mara display: a good coat and a good handbag, an outfit in tonal camel colors. Yum!

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