A slice of life in the South of France

The weather is certainly hotting up here so after many weeks of grey skies in the UK we are taking every opportunity to enjoy the clement climate and stay outside. As we are in France this involves brocantes and food markets. Here is a slice of what we have been enjoying over the last few days.

Just love this sideboard – Sadly no space to put it

Chic in the brocante – Great outfit – crisp linen shirt teamed with black spotted trousers (not sure I could manage those myself but they suited her). She looked altogether very cool and soigne.

By the time we returned from the market the ‘Festival du ble’ was in full swing in the village square. We had truffle sandwich for lunch – delicious.

What an array – The fish market in St. Tropez

The light here is so sublime that everything looks so clear bright and alive.
Today we went to visit an old Monastery way up in the hills followed by an ad hoc picnic in the forest. Pictures to follow.

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  1. 18th June 2012 / 16:14

    Sounds like a beautiful day(s). I could feel the light; it was like being there with you. I appreciated your comment under the sideboard. We’ve reached the point in our lives when we look at something we might have snatched up in the past and say no room. I hate that we’re so practical now but frankly I have little room for more stuff too! Thanks.

  2. 22nd June 2012 / 19:13

    Truffles! I still remember the first time I tasted one. Did you scoop up a whole pile and take it home with you?

  3. Mandy
    25th June 2012 / 12:48

    Your photos are so bright it cheers up a rather dull day in England

  4. Kathy
    21st July 2017 / 19:20

    Loved your describing the linen shirt as “crisp”. I, too, like to consider my linen items “crisp” when they are wrinkled. Part of their charm.

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