A feminine blouse gives your wardrobe a lift.

How a feminine blouse can give your wardrobe a lift.

A feminine blouse gives your wardrobe a lift. This year the emphasis is on a fuller sleeve with small gathers on the shoulders and cuffs. Soft casual and easy to wear. Wear your blouse with jeans or a pair of linen trousers.

The blue blouse I am wearing was from MarksandSpencer last year. In my opinion they still offer some of the best feminine blouses in the stores at the moment at very reasonable prices. Here is a UK link (US link) so that you can check out their current 2021 styles. I have also added some images below.

Blue blouse and navy trousers

My navy linen trousers are also from MarksandSpencer. I have plenty of white linen trousers in my wardrobe but just needed a darker colour for everyday wear and the drawstring pair just fitted the bill nicely. They are a mixture of linen and viscose so don’t seem to crease as much as pure linen. I am tempted to buy a black pair as well.

A feminine blouse gives your wardrobe a lift.

How a feminine blouse can give your wardrobe a lift.

You might like to see a collage of how I styled this jacket with jeans and a classic jacket in September 2020.

Photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram


  1. margieusa
    16th July 2021 / 16:31

    Do you like the fuller sleeves? I would find them cumbersome under a blazer/jacket/sweater. They certainly look feminine/soft/pretty. That being said, with jeans they would be a nice touch. I watch a TV food show and the “star’s” sleeves are always falling into her food; I often worry they will catch fire when near the gas burner…
    Good posts…enjoy them!

    • 16th July 2021 / 18:19

      Hello Margieusa
      Thank you for your comment. I like these fuller sleeves as they have elastic at the wrists so it prevents the sleeves from falling anywhere. When big fist came out I bought a blouse that had ties at the wrists and they were always falling everywhere so I finally gave up on it.
      I think this is a warm-weather summer blouse I don’t think that I would wear it under a sweater. I think I could wear it under a loose jacket.

  2. 23rd July 2021 / 17:36

    This outfit fits me to a T! I ADORE feminine blouses, both solids and prints. And that soft blue is so delicate and flattering to Summers. I am just loving all the romantic, feminine blouse that are out now – full sleeves, puffy sleeves, ruffles at neck, sleeve, wrist and hem. I’ve been madly buying since Spring! The key for me is that those pretty embellishments are understated, like your blouse. Fullness and drape in the sleeve, but not too much. Ruffles that are delicate. Also love delicate tie necks and smocking. Oh, and I also love the abundance of sheer, gauzy blouses – they are so light and floaty and allow me the option of wearing long sleeves in the hot, steamy New Jersey Summer. P.S. The baby blue sneaks are just too cute!

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