3 ways to wear wide trousers

I am aware that nearly every fashion and celebrity magazine is full of pictures and features on skinny or slim leg trousers, however I am still a fan of the wide leg style. Even after my recent wardrobe purge I still have several good quality pairs. So I decided to investigate how I could create some new and fresh looks. Firstly I had a play around with Polyvore trying out different combinations. A great way to experiment with various looks, get the creative juices flowing and come up with some good ideas before making any major purchases. I then rummaged through my wardrobe, it is amazing what you can find lurking at the back, and came with some similar pieces. I had bought a stripey blazer last year and have a light coloured leather jacket and a mid grey cardigan. Add in some vibrant accessories Et voila some new looks! I can now get further mileage from my wide leg trousers without any extra expenditure. It is amazing how many forgotten pieces may lie languishing in some dark corner. If you choose to make a purchase and your budget does not stretch to the designer versions you can often find  similar styles on the high street.

3 Ways to wear wide trousers

3 ways to wear wide trousers

3 Ways to wear wide leg trousers

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  1. 28th May 2012 / 15:50

    I also have some wide-legged trousers that I hardly wear — but you’ve given me hope there’s life in them after all. I especially like that two out of three of the outfits were with flats — and the third is a reasonable heel!

  2. 28th May 2012 / 17:11

    Hi Donna I know you are advised to wear high heels with wide trousers however I am not a great heel wearer I just find most of them too wobbly.

  3. 28th May 2012 / 23:35

    I wear wide trousers (and trouser jeans) all the time as they balance my hips. My favourites are flowy palazzo pants. ANd you have-as you have shown- to wear a closer-fitting top, or the effect is too baggy. (Or you can wear a kaftan type top over them but it ‘s a lot to manage unless you are tall. IMO a flat sandal (like Bernardo) is more modern than than heels.

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