Wearing a leather biker jacket at any age

Who says we can’t wear leather jackets as we get older. I love my navy oversize biker jacket. I bought it from MeandEm a couple of years ago to replace my AgnesB 1985 version. Incidentally, I still wear my AgnesB except now I wear it when cycling. Literally a biker jacket.

Unfortunately, this version is no longer available. MeandEm now offers a similar one in Khaki. Yes, it is expensive however when choosing a leather jacket it is worth buying the best quality you can afford. Good quality leather gets better with age if you look after it. Like us!!!!

Leopard print scarf

A classic combination – leather jacket, jeans and ankle boots. I promised that I would talk more about my new jeans. They are the high waisted straight leg jeans by Levis from John Lewis & partners. I have been putting off buying a new pair of jeans for months. My NYDJ jeans have served me well but they were definitely getting past their sell-by date.

Buying jeans

On a couple of occasions, I had put time aside time to try on jeans but with no luck. My patience runs very thin when trying on jeans and I find it an exhausting experience.

So on this occasion, I decided to make life easier and to book a personal shopping session at John Lewis & partners. It was a much more relaxing experience having a personal stylist bring me a selection of jeans whilst I stayed in my spacious and comfortable changing room.

The result “success”; I found a pair of comfortable jeans that fitted perfectly. Luckily they were not the most expensive. I am afraid that I am not in the market for paying over £200 for a pair of jeans.


Baukjen have some excellent leather jackets in a variety of colours.

Photographs were taken in Harrods Village, south-west London by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram.


  1. Anon
    12th November 2018 / 15:09

    Once I find a brand and style of jeans that fit, I buy two pairs and pray that they aren’t discontinued. And they usually are. For women with a curvy shape, this search is like the Holy Grail.

    • 12th November 2018 / 17:07

      Hi Anon I used to that with NYDJ jeans but they did discontinue the style which was ideal for curvy figures like mine.

  2. Jo Johnston
    12th November 2018 / 15:49

    I agree about the shopping part. I don’t enjoy it at all. I’ve had more success on line with True Shape jeans from LLBean (US). It took ordering a couple of pairs and trying them on but I wasn’t driving all over everywhere and trying on jeans in multiple stores. I’m a petite which makes shopping even more difficult. The leather jacket looks great with your outfit!

    • 12th November 2018 / 17:09

      Hi Jo
      I normally order two different sizes when I order on line but I had to try on so many different styles of jeans that it would probably not have been very practical.

  3. Maggie Jolly
    12th November 2018 / 16:25

    You look really great in your jeans and jacket. Love the scarf too. Good to know that John Lewis personal shopper service works so well.

  4. Sara Shaw
    12th November 2018 / 16:28

    Couldn’t agree more, about the biker jacket but also the nightmare of jeans shoppping! I bought a beautiful tan suede biker jacket from Hush, via good old J Lewis early this year and it has proved a real “everything” purchase. Tan goes with almost every colour, it has all the biker bits and just feels great.
    Too old for biker jackets? I think not!
    I’m with you, Josephine; a good fitting pair of jeans is vital but oh the effort! I’m wearing my Mint Velvet ones till they die because they fit me so well and although a good clothes shop is usually a recreational pleasure, trying umpteen pairs of jeans is definitely not! I tried the J Lewis style creator online but all it offered me was items I’d not send my granny out in. Although I’m usually a confident shopper, I think I’d probably not suit a personal shopper as I’d not want to upset them if I didn’t like their choices. Is that a bit silly? Great that you found a good solution to your dilemma though.

    • 12th November 2018 / 17:13

      Hi Sara
      My personal shopper was very nice and I only found the right pair of jeans at the very last minute so if nothing had worked I think the personal shopper would have understood. I don’t think they are on commission or anything.

  5. Lynn Brogden
    12th November 2018 / 17:39

    Good to see you in your biker jacket Josephine, you look great. I have just treated myself to one, I haven’t worn it out yet, but seeing how good yours looks, I cant wait. “Too old” … no way are we too old to be rock chicks.

  6. Susan B
    14th November 2018 / 02:03

    This is a fantastic look, Josephine! I love that jacket.

  7. 14th November 2018 / 02:23

    I have never owned a leather jacket……..I have a leather coat but not the same thing!

  8. 14th November 2018 / 08:25

    Love it, but I would as that is my everyday look, you were lucky to snap up the navy leather jacket when it was around. The only advantage of being an apple shape rather than a pear is that it make buying jeans easier!

  9. Elizabeth
    20th November 2018 / 19:29

    Jeans shopping has to be the worst experience in the world. I hate it. I love these with the leather jacket. They look amazing together.

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