How to wear a sleeveless “puffa” with style

SONY DSCIn the country


There is a concept that the sleeveless puffa jacket can look a tad frumpy on us more mature women. Often associated with dog walkers and wellies, nothing wrong with that, however I think you can dress it up and wear it in town as well as the country. It is just a question of what you wear it with and the accessories.

The sleeveless puffa can be worn all the year round, as a layer under or over a jacket, or simply on it’s own.



Worn in the Spring with a T shirt and heels




  1. une femme
    17th February 2015 / 18:30

    These are all great looks, and I love the one with the scarf especially.

  2. Jodie filogomo
    17th February 2015 / 18:49

    I agree…the one with the scarf is my favorite. I would have loved to see you with some color in the last one (in the spring)–maybe bright shoes or at least a colored bag!!! Jodie

    • 18th February 2015 / 18:24

      Jodie I agree I think I was going through a neutral phase. Watch this space I am introducing more colour this Spring.

  3. Miss Boom Baby
    17th February 2015 / 23:05

    My favourite is the first one – love the simplicity and colours.

  4. Kari
    18th February 2015 / 02:07

    Very nice looks… I’m inspired!

  5. PCola
    18th February 2015 / 18:20

    Looks good on you but…puffy jackets are still—puffy! I would look like the Michelin Man!

  6. Barbara Harris
    18th February 2015 / 19:42

    You look chic, but I’m with Pcola on this one—-I’d look like a well-dressed sack of potatoes !

  7. Leslie in Oregon
    18th February 2015 / 23:38

    I share your enthusiasm for down vests. Here in western Oregon, where winters are mild, I prefer wearing a down vest rather than a coat (except when it is pouring rain or for formal occasions). In January, I purchased one in a particularly beautiful aubergine, on sale, from Eddie Bauer, and I find myself wearing it every day. I wear down vests (puffy or thinner) all year except during high summer, when it becomes too hot here, even in the evening, to do so.

  8. Maureen
    20th February 2015 / 09:01

    Hmm, I’m usually with you on styling but have to draw the line on the sleeveless puffa! My 20 something children occaisinally turn one into a cool item but I think for the over 50’s we are deluding ourselves if we think it can ever be stylish. I wear one for gardening but never in public!!

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