“Hope” a new collection for grown up women

Hope Founder and CEO Nayna McIntoshNayna McIntosh


Hope” a new collection for grown up women

There definitely is hope.  Brands are beginning to wake up to the fact that mature women are a growing demographic and that we continue to want to look and feel good in the clothes that we wear. We need clothes that are suitable for our changing body shape, that wrap, drape and flatter and also provide a pleasing silhouette.

Last week I was thrilled to attend the launch party of Hope a new range specially designed with us in mind and to interview Nayna McIntosh, founder and CEO.

Nayna and her team of 6 have 200 yrs of fashion experience between them, however even more important is that their average age is 51, they range in size from 10 to 20 and from 5.0ft to 5.10ft.  They know the customer because they are that customer. Nothing goes into the collection unless the team can all wear it.

Nayna’s philosophy is simple. It is not about being age appropriate but self appropriate and wearing what works for you. Most of us have areas of our body that we like, it might be shoulders, legs or bums. Whatever it is we want to enhance those areas and play down the bits that we are not so keen on. By this stage in our lives we are fairly self aware and we need to be able to work with our bodies; however we need the tools for the job.  When you wear an outfit that you feel fabulous in it is usually because the component parts of that outfit do just that, they bring out the best in us. This brand provides good quality, softly draped fabrics and even better most of the range is manufactured here in Britain.

Nayna was also adamant that the models she uses to show and promote the collection had to be authentic; to include women of a certain age, differing body shapes and ethnicity.

These clothes are easy to pull on, comfortable to wear and make you feel fabulous.



Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.35.46



Hope is sold in two ways, firstly on the internet which continues to be more and more popular with our age range, who really likes trogging round the high street when you can try on items in your own home and check if they work with the rest of your wardrobe. Secondly in pop up boutiques, known in the US as trunk shows. This adds a personal selling experience that you can still sometimes find in independent clothes shops outside the big cities.


Hope want to make women feel “beautifully confident” I think they are going in the right direction.

At the moment Hope is only available in the UK. I would love to hear from my US readers if they would like to see the range available in the US.  Do leave me a comment with your thoughts.





  1. Susan (une femme)
    1st October 2015 / 12:50

    I’d LOVE to see this line made available in the U.S. The pieces really look gorgeous!

    • 1st October 2015 / 15:58

      Hi Susan
      I went to see the full range this afternoon and it is lovely. They are working on getting the brand available in the U.S. I will let you all know when it is.

  2. Margo
    1st October 2015 / 14:46

    These look very interesting. Thanks for the information. Margo

  3. Angela De Marco Manzi
    1st October 2015 / 15:06

    i love the sweater. LOVE it.

  4. Jacquie
    1st October 2015 / 16:30

    I would love to see the collection in the US, but more importantly I would hope to see all pieces offered in petite sizing (5’4″ and under). Women who are vertically challenged, as well as short waisted, need petite sizing. We can buy more if we don’t have to budget for alterations. 🙂

    • 1st October 2015 / 17:53

      Hi Jacquie & Arlette
      Their sizing is interesting, unusual and I think clever. They have a range of sizes from super slim, slim, curvy and super curvy and you can shop by lengths on some of the dresses. Shop by size Hope sizing
      I turned out to be a slim in the trousers and I am probably about a 12. The founder Nanya is 5’4″ and she looked stunning in a pair of black trousers and the cream draped top the evening I interviewed her.

  5. Libby Wilkie
    1st October 2015 / 16:36

    Yes, please, let them know we would love it in the States! That poncho in such a great pink and the pop on cherry red dress: I would buy those in a nano second. Very nice!

  6. Janice
    1st October 2015 / 16:43

    Would love to see this brand in the US.. definitely needed

  7. Arlette
    1st October 2015 / 16:51

    I agree with Jacquie! Petite and for those of us that are NOT pencil thin!! Would love to see in the states 🙂

  8. Tamara Petrucci
    1st October 2015 / 17:04

    Love to know US availability or event website. So many easily ship ‘across the pond’

  9. cindy hattersley
    1st October 2015 / 17:13

    YES!!! I am loving that drape neck sweater in charcoal!!

  10. Margo
    1st October 2015 / 17:15

    Which pieces were you particularly impressed with? I am always on the hunt for pieces that suit a pear shape Margo

    • 1st October 2015 / 18:06

      Hi Margo
      Good question. I am very pear shaped and some of the styles I did not think would suit me really worked. I am going to be wearing and photographing some of the pieces soon. I chose the wide leg trousers with the grey one shoulder sweater. I also tried on the leggings which I paired with the draped tops most of which covered the widest part of my hips. The pop on knits were very flattering and so were the ponchos. The sleeveless vests were a bit skinny but could be worn as layering pieces. I surprisingly fell in love with the faux fur gilet which is on my wish list. Unfortunately the kimono jacket was out with the press but that is always a good shape for us pears.

  11. Lee
    1st October 2015 / 18:50

    Yes, please. There’s so little for larger women with simple lines and good fabric.

  12. Jane
    2nd October 2015 / 12:51

    The North American market is definitely in need of options for curvy over 40 women. Shipping to Canada would be great!

  13. Pam@over50feeling40
    2nd October 2015 / 21:06

    I would like to see more of this line…I really like the dress at the top!

  14. Penelope
    5th October 2015 / 16:51

    I live in Canada and would love to be able to order some of these lovely pieces online.

  15. Kim
    7th October 2015 / 17:03

    i would absolutely love to see the Hope line available in the U.S!

  16. Carol
    7th October 2015 / 20:34

    What about here in AU.

    • 8th October 2015 / 07:02

      Hi Carol
      I am afraid not yet. I will let you know about any further developments.

  17. Belinda Gomez-Perez
    16th October 2015 / 20:56

    Is her name Nanya or Nayna? You have it both ways. She’s backed by Lord Rose of M&S.

    • 17th October 2015 / 07:54

      Hi Belinda Don’t know how that happened the text was checked by the PR. Apologies the name is Nayna. Have corrected it. She has good solid backing. She used to work for M&S.

  18. Jean Bragg
    23rd January 2019 / 03:29

    Having such fun catching up on all your postings.Love the Hope collection and would love to see it in Canada.

  19. 25th January 2019 / 17:42

    Thank you for your comment.

    Yes Hopefashion is a great range. They do ship internationally but I know that the duty is expensive in Canada and it can be quite complicated.

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