French magazines – the check blazer

French Magazines - the check blazer

French magazines – the check blazer

As soon as I arrive in France I visit the local “Tabac” in order to stock up on my favourite French magazines. I find that “Marie France” is the best one for women of our age. There are some basic looks that I feel can be adapted. The October issue was full of typically French casual chic looks.

The most popular item that seemed to appear numerous times in different guises was “Le Blazer” and particularly the check variety. It was featured dressed down with a pair of jeans and dressed up combined with a dress or skirt.

I particularly like the way that the cream shirt above adds an element of chic thus transforming this look from ordinary to glam.

check blazer

Not sure about the boots tucked into the trousers. I think it makes the trousers look a bit baggy. however, I do like the touch of red in the bag and the simple crew neck sweater. Cowboy boots are very “in” this season. It is years since I have owned a pair and think that I would find the toes too pointy to be comfortable.

check blazer and jeans

This is such a French look. Let me know what you think. You can check out MarieFrance magazine online for more fashion inspiration.

I do think that petites can wear checks, I have a friend who looks very good in hers. You will need a small check and probably a shorter cut jacket.

You can see how I styled my grey fine check blazer last year here and here.

Get the look:


  1. Sue Cant
    25th October 2019 / 18:10

    I often visit France and am always disappointed at this time of year by the dearth of colour! Step into a department store and you are faced with a sea of black and navy accented by by white/cream shirts. I had my colours done years ago by House of Colour and as an “Autumn” don’t suit black,navy or white! Any affordable colour that is around is usually to be found in styles suitable for teenagers – certainly not for me, aged 65! I’m off to Nice week, I’ll have a look at the shops (grandchildren permitting!) but I’ve learnt not to raise my hopes!

    • 26th October 2019 / 08:18

      Hi Sue

      You are correct the french do love their dark neutrals. However, there are definitely some warm colours to be had. We went to the “braderie” sales in St.Tropez yesterday. Many of the shops have large discounts as they close for the winter season. One of our party had warm colouring and she managed to find some great dresses and sweaters. Gerard Darel was a good source of sweaters.

  2. Francie Newcomb
    25th October 2019 / 20:31

    Thanks, Josephine, I’m so glad to see this. I bought a cute Top Shop purple boucle blazer with white buttons from Nordstrom in May and have only worn it a few times– with either all navy or all black. The look you have shown is much more casual and fun. I will lay out the blazer in my closet with an ivory silk blouse and jeans, to remind myself to wear this outfit! Very timely.

  3. Eileen
    25th October 2019 / 20:44

    Thank you for the magazine recommendation! I used to subscribe to the British magazine, Women and Home, just for the fashion images featuring real women over 40. And you could actually buy the clothes! It was expensive to get here in California, so I reluctantly stopped. I wish someone would publish those fashion images online.

    • Sue Walker
      27th October 2019 / 21:19

      Hi Eileen. There is an app called Zinio, which I believe is based in New York, which allows you to read the digital edition of Woman & Home. It might be worth you looking at it as it should be a cheaper option for you.

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