A Sunday trip to the local Brocante

French markets

Last Sunday was cold and windy, however, I could not resist a trip to the local Brocante at Jas des Roberts. Much of the stock that the merchants have on offer comes from clearing attics in old houses. These markets are commonly known in France as Vide-greniers ou marché aux Puce. If you are visiting the area you can find details of the Jas des Roberts brocantss here.

When we first bought our small apartment about nine years ago most of our furniture was purchased at this Brocante. If you learn how to barter you can pick up some good bargains.

French Markets

I love the white table and chairs, they are so typical of this area.

Vintage clothes and accessories

If you are a fan of vintage and have a good eye for a real bargain this is definitely the place to go. You will need to check carefully and watch out for the fakes.

French straw baskets

Baskets galore. I am rarely without one of these straw paniers when I do my grocery shopping.

French furniture at the Bricante

I don’t take selfies however here I managed to take one without meaning to. We have a similar mirror on the wall of our bedroom and a bedside table (like the one on right, the one on the left seems to be missing some draws).

Vintage china in the french market

If you are a collector of fine china. This is the place to go. I can imagine my grandmother having a set of tea and coffee cups similar to the ones above.

Discounted sunglasses

I spotted some quite decent sunglasses at this stall.

French Bricantes

My friend captured a photo of me taking a photo! If I had room for it I would have been very tempted by this elegant chest.

French jewellery and scarves

Should I or shouldn’t I buy these earrings. They are a bit large but as they were only one euro I thought that I would give them a try. The chunky pink scarf I am wearing is a recent purchase from St.Tropez market.


  1. Lynn Brogden
    16th January 2019 / 16:45

    Wow what a fabulous place to spend a Sunday afternoon, just my cup of tea, happy bargain hunting,

  2. 16th January 2019 / 16:53

    Asa magpie in a former life this sort of place I find fascinating. However I have reached the age when I am trying to de-clutter. I should really be manning a stall here!!

  3. Elizabeth
    16th January 2019 / 17:50

    I love that scarf. I hope there will be similar (if not that one!) in your collection?

    • 17th January 2019 / 15:02

      Hi Elizabeth

      Yes, it is a lovely scarf. The only trouble is that it seems to moult and sheds wool which sticks to my sweaters. I will be going back to St.Tropez market next Tuesday and will look for similar in better quality.

  4. sheila coates
    16th January 2019 / 17:54

    I love the regular blogs and am looking forward to the nutritional advice

  5. Gillian
    16th January 2019 / 20:35

    I live permanently in France, so I’m a real fan of Sunday brocantes ! The bedside table isn’t missing draws, some are made this way for the books of a nighttime reader ( like me!) I’m a recent follower of your blog, and I really enjoy it.

    • 17th January 2019 / 14:54

      Hello Gillian
      Thank you for letting me know about the bedside table, very interesting. What a good idea. That explains why it looked in good condition.

  6. Susan Hoffmann
    16th January 2019 / 22:06

    I love your blog- makes me want to be in France! Do you know Good cooking schools in the Loire Valley or near Avaignon?

  7. Jenny
    16th January 2019 / 22:21

    So very French, going to the market with a straw basket. They even manage to make the wheely basket look stylish.

  8. Sandra
    18th January 2019 / 00:55

    I love brocante and vide-greniers, but now that we’ve downsized from a house to an apartment, my barbotine plates and two sets of service for 12 sit in storage. It certainly was fun collecting!

    Red is so flattering on you!

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