Skincare for women over 50

As I have not written a post on beauty products for several months I thought I would do an update on skincare for women over 50. I stick to the same routine on a day to day basis. It consists of a nightly, or sometimes every other night, dose of a Retinol serum. I get these product through my dermatologist.

However after the harsh winter months and the ever increasing air pollution in our cities I felt it was time to add a few more “defense” products to my current regime.

DETAILS OF PRODUCTS IN THE IMAGE: 1.Transfhormulas   2. Filgora Time-Filler at Lookfantastic and Nordstrom 3. Nars primer at Nordstrom and feelunique 4.Ren anti pollution mist at Lookfastastic  and Nordstrom

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Is air pollution damaging your skin

Is air pollution damaging your skin? An article published in the Evening Standard recently stated that if you live in a major city such as London air pollution can be just as damaging to your skin as the sun.

This is according to an article published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. It suggests that high levels of nitrogen dioxide have been linked to an increase in age sports and hyper pigmentation. Read article here. The particles are so small that they can penetrate our pores and cause oxidative stress and free radicals. Over time this can accelerate the ageing process.

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Are you stuck in a rut with your make-up?

Are you stuck in a rut with your make-up? We tend to wear the same old, same old every day. Sometimes for many years. We often stick to our tried and tested foundation colours or buy the same or similar lipstick. We are creatures of habit often resisting change.

When we look in the mirror we are seeing ourselves through our own filters and this may cloud our judgement.

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styleblazer chic at any age



How to be a style blazer and look Fabulousafter40. Deborah Boland has some great advice on the subject.

I am extremely honoured to be featured in Deborah’s Fabulousafter40Styleblazer series. Deborah is a great inspiration to all of us mature women. Not only does she offer an online style course to help us to find our own unique “look” she also provides practical advice on how to dress for those sometimes tricky special occasions that crop up in our lives.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 08.54.53


Deborah helps us to avoid those sartorial pitfalls and find an appropriate balance between “frump” and  “desperate fashionista” by showing us how to adapt the seasons trends to suit our lifestyles.







Step 1 Primer

Step 2 Smooth on foundation with fingers (brushes tend to waste product in John’s opinion.

Step 3 Use Nars concealer to cover any blemishes or uneven pigmentation.

Step 4 Use master touch concealer only on dark circles avoiding any puffy areas.

Sometimes I think we can get a bit stuck in a make-up rut. I have been wearing the same foundation and concealer for the last couple of years so I thought it was about time to have a make-over. I find that if I go into one of the department stores I feel overwhelmed. There is just too much choice and if you go to one particular brand, and let’s be honest the sales assistants are normally on commission, I don’t think you get completely impartial advice.

For my role as mother of the groom and to look my best for the photos I booked an appointment to visit my favourite make-up artist John Gustafson, I wrote about my last session with John here.  John is a make-up artist to the stars and works at Fenwick of Bond Street where he helps transform us mere mortals from frumpy to fabulous with his magic brushes. You can book a consultation here, however you do have to be patient as his waiting list tends to be very long.

John is entertaining and non judgemental as well as a genius with make-up so morning spent in his company was a delight. Plus I left with some very sound advice on skin care and tips on how to apply make-up, especially foundation and concealer.

Above are the basic products John recommended to create a glowing canvas on which to add colour. I adore the Guerlain meteorites. It gives such a softly simmering glow to the skin that radiant would not be an exaggeration.

Next post I will share the eyeshadows, blushers and lipsticks that John recommended. See you again soon.